$25 Test for Lyme Disease

Water purifier (MMS) product is what we took for killing Lyme disease Spirochetes: Reiki Ranch Store link >>  http://mms.reikiranch.net/water-purifier-mms-/1-water-purifier-set-mms-activator-.html <<Click  See the picture of the product below:

According to author Herb “Roi” Richards in his book, Lyme Disease Non-medical Diagnosis and Treatment, “You can get expensive tests at hundreds of dollars each so you can brag about the brand name of your sickness or spend $25.00 for a set of WP and personally take responsibility for researching and taking care of your problem.”

This is the $25 Test for Lyme Disease

MMS-Water Purification
MMS-Water Purification found at the Reiki Ranch Store

These two little 4 oz. bottles make up a set of Master Mineral Solution — also called WP set. It is easy to mix and take to eradicate the bacteria causing  Fibromyalgia, Lupus and/or Lyme disease.

It is only $25 for a years supply. It costs about $0.50 a week to take it 8 to 10 times a day/ 7 days a week! This is what Roi and Taylore took to rid their bodies of Lyme disease. Call the hotline to order: 1-360-748-four426.

Ten million people world-wide are using the WP to improve their immune systems and there are many testimonials.

$25 Test for Lyme Disease: Buy the WP set of two small bottles (sodium Chlorite 28% and Citric Acid 50%) and try the MMS Protocol 1000 for only 3 weeks. Start slow and easy so you will not have a Herxheimer reaction. That is an inexpensive and simple test to see if you feel better after 3 weeks on the WP drops! Instructions are in the Amazon kindle here: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00N980J0Q

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  1. I read the book and I am interested in buying the wp

    ANSWER: THIS IS THE LINK TO BUY THE WATER PURIFIER: http://mms.reikiranch.net/water-purifier-mms-/1-water-purifier-set-mms-activator.html
    We wish you good fortune and quick recovery. Remember to go slow! BOOK INFORMATION BELOW TO DETAILED INSTRUCTIONS:
    here is the book:
    The Master Mineral Solution of the Third Millenium (The Updated “The Miracle Mineral Supplement of the 21st Century”)

  2. I need the $25 test for Lyme disease! by CT
    I found this site I thought I would share my story…I was infected when I was 7, that was 1987. I was on amoxicillin for 7-10 days. It sure wasn’t enough. I think treating as aggressively as possible in the beginning is so important. I was bitten on my right ear lobe. A few weeks later flu like, vomiting, fever, I couldn’t walk because my groin muscles or ligaments wouldn’t move, it was very painful. My symptoms miraculously cleared up, my pediatrician wanted to send me to Children’s Hospital but since I walked into his office smiling, happy to be feeling “better”, he was happy with that and said it was blood sepsis or JRA and I would be fine. Remember kids are little troopers, they endure more than we give them credit for and many push through pain, in order to please their parents and loved ones, many kids don’t want to see their parents worry so they hide their troubles as best they can.

    I could have used some validation but I had little by 17, I had attempted suicide while being treated by a psychiatrist for rage, bipolar, schizophrenia. Besides all the symptoms, chest pain, heart palps, migraines with aura, light sensitivity, sound sensitivity, bone loss in my jaw, no 12yr molars, no wisdom teeth development, vaso vagal reflex, syncope (about 4-6x year), I’ve had to have several surgeries to clear out scar tissue in my jaw and knee, these joints just started giving out swelling and then I’d just fall when I was about 8yo. Fatigue, and my teachers thought I was distracted, and overly emotional, stomach aches, interstitial cystitis, and memory problems.

    My parents had no support, there was no special needs child diagnosis, I had no sisters or brothers. It’s been a long road, but I’m a much stronger person for having lived it, I tried many coping mechanisms, Buddhism, yoga, laughter, drugs, and everything else good, bad and otherwise. My favorite thing my stepdaughter says to me sometimes is “is everything alright?” because for so many years people have said to me “what’s wrong?” I can deal with what’s alright, it’s the little things in my life now. It’s kind of a lot for me to share this so thanks for reading. CT

    ANSWER: The $25 test for Lyme Disease is that you buy the two-bottle set of the Water Purifier. Yes only pay $25 and take the test. Take the WP for a month and see if your body feels better. Could the test be so simple? Take this stuff like Genesis 2 Church recommends. If the problems go away you have your answer to the test don’t you? Does it matter what brand name the critters have?

  3. I have Lyme disease of 40 years. I almost died 3 times last year. I would like to try this again. The last time I vomited too much because of the taste. How can we resolve this horrible taste so I can drink without vomiting? Please respond.

    I have bought empty veggie capsules at the health food store (the large ones). I Mixed up the Chlorine Dioxide (three drops of each bottle) – I put a few drops of water into the mixture and then with an eye dropper filled one or two capsules and took them with a glass of water.
    There must be videos on different ways to take it. With dogs and cats they have 600 % more HCL in their digestive systems and it will activate automatically when added to their water in a plastic or glass bowl. Do not use aluminum.

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