I hate fibromyalgia

As I look through the Internet comments, complaints, pain and intense suffering from the symptoms of fibromyalgia, I feel so much compassion and love for these human beings. I have compiled some comments below…

Letter to the evil disease: I HATE you fibromyalgia! For so many years I have tried to

fibromyalgia pain
fibromyalgia pain

coexist with you, treat you nicely, work around you. I have gone bankrupt treating you with massages, acupuncture, chiropractic care, water therapy, diet changes, just so you would calm down. Now I suffer all of the side effects of the pharmaceutical meds I take to put up with you! And every year that goes by you just get worse! And I hate all that comes with you! Isolation, depression, IBS, all of it! And to know that I will not be gone with you until the day I die is horrid!  by JS


It is helpful to help people who do not understand what I am going through ! Helps me understand I am not alone ! It affects my ability to function everyday ! I cry a lot because of not being able to do my own housework, take care of my family, doing the simple things in life can bring unbearable pain ! I have to miss a lot of church which is depressing ! I have other illnesses that cause more pain ! I feel so useless sometimes ! Without Jesus I do not know what I would do ! Pray for those that have fibromyalgia, know one knows the pain and suffering except you and God !!! by JCC


fibromyalgia brain-fog
Fibromyalgia brain-fog. I can’ get up.

Waking up is one thing, if one is fortunate to get to sleep and stay sleep for Amy length of time…going to sleep, washing up and still struggle to get OUT the bed is a whole different monster…. lately it takes me at least an hour to get out the bed.

I’ve been inside all day, decided to take a quick shower and get back in my gown, was sitting at the table prior to the shower, afterwards, searched high and low and was about to go to my car to see if my glasses were in the car, I don’t know who put them on the table where I had been sitting….. .daggone fibro fog — from online Fibromyalgia Group

“Tired of pressing through the painful smile, the excruciating pain in my knees, finders and toes, so the hurricane need to go on and die out” There are no real words to describe he terrible unyielding pain… https://www.facebook.com/pages/Online-Fibromyalgia-Support-Group/147126108688355


I have fibromyalgia; my symptoms are a flu-like infection that don’t ever go away. I am constantly exhausted and I can’t think and the right words are lost in my fibro brain fog. I have fibromyalgia; I can’t  sleep, I’m soo bone tired,  and  I wake up stiff and achy. I have fibro symptoms causing debilitating pain in so many places on my body.Fibro ribbon I just need to rest 18 hours a day!

I push and push but I get nothing done. I feel as though I have to push myself to get anything done, then I crash on to the sofa for hours without getting anything done. I think I really have Lyme disease.

I don’t believe exercise helps “modestly reduce pain” you just tolerate it more since the kind of pain from exercising is just more pain on top of normal FM pain. It makes smaller pain look insignificant sometimes compared to others. from https://www.facebook.com/FibroNetwork?

Fibromyalgia burning pain.


Fibro Pain: You wake up feeling like you have been run over by a Mack truck. You worry that you are heading into a flare. Do you recognize when your symptoms are on the verge of worsening? What do you do to cope when you are in a flare-up?