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End Fibromyalgia Symptoms

In my struggle with fibromyalgia I was constantly experiencing back pain, especially lower back pain, and was misdiagnosed as having chronic fatigue syndrome.

fibromyalgia-symptoms-fibromyalgia-brain-healthy-brainI just did not know what to do or even what I had until I discovered on my own that the vast array of pains and signs matched the fibromyalgia symptoms.

I was able to say goodbye to my rheumatologist who was convinced that I had polymyalgia rheumatica once I had self diagnosed and began to treat myself with alternative medicine for my own pain management.

Q. What is fibromyalgia?

A. There are so many definitions of fibromyalgia, it is truly difficult to ascertain, and the truth is, what does it really matter what the label is that you put on yours pain? Especially in terms of establishing a way out of the nerve pain. Body aches, muscle pain and fatigue symptoms!

It wasn’t until I gave up on traditional medical diagnosis and treatment that I began to get relief from the symptoms that plagued me ever since I gave birth to my last child.

As I researched on the Internet, my google search led me to the Lyme disease Non Medical Diagnosis and Treatment book by Herb Richards where he explains how he and his wife kicked chronic Lyme disease in one year for pennies.

My research had led me to the conclusion that fibromyalgia was often confused with lupus, Lyme disease, myofascial pain syndrome, myalgic encephalomyelitis and ankylosing spondylitis symptoms.

In Richards’ book, he suggested using a natural substance that was so inexpensive – I couldn’t believe it!

I thought what do I have to lose?

I’ve spent thousands of dollars on doctors and their recommended chemical compounds. Why not throw a few dollars into a natural substance, if nothing else, just as an experiment.

How could I have possibly imagined that on day 13, I would experience a noticeable decline in my body aches and muscle pain? I thought maybe this was just hopeful placebo effect… Being somewhat skeptical, I continued the process because only time will tell.

Six days later I woke up with no neck pain whatsoever. I thought to myself, “How could this be?” Granted, the next morning, I did wake up with a little more neck pain, but it reduced regularly until a month later, I could experience a pain free neck.

I could go through the myriad of the amazing metamorphosis that I’ve been through… not to belabor it…

I would highly recommend Richards’ book, Lyme disease Non Medical Diagnosis and Treatment and consider investing pennies to overcome your Fibromyalgia symptoms for pennies a day.

Fibromyalgia, Lupus or Lyme Disease?

When treating any autoimmune disease it is an effective approach to reassess and modify one’s eating habits as is the case with the Fibromyalgia diet.

Lyme-disease-tick-fibromyalgia-lupusWhether you’re addressing Lupus disease, infectious diseases or Lymes disease symptoms, even chronic Lyme disease and Lupus nephritis can be greatly reduced by making adjustments to one’s nutritional intake.

The signs of Lupus and Fibromyalgia pain can easily be treated – and this has been verified by seeing dramatic improvements in symptoms of Lyme disease in dogs.

Think about it; after you’ve asked yourself, “What is Lyme disease?” and Google searched for hundreds of pictures of ticks and Lyme disease pictures, even after submitting one’s self to a Fibromyalgia test (which is just the beginning…) might it be better to ask yourself, “What else is possible?”

Lyme disease symptoms in women can be a tough nut to crack in any system of diagnosis and quite often the signs of Lyme disease are confused with the symptoms of Fibromyalgia.

If I could refer you to a natural regimen that included taking a harmless natural substance that is inexpensive and present in nature that you could try for a few days, you might be asking, “How much better does it get, instead of, “What is lupus disease?” or “Is lupus contagious?”