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We have received many comments and testimonials about Roi’s book

Lyme Disease Non-Medical Diagnosis And Treatment: How I kicked Chronic Lyme Disease in One Year for Pennies  by Herb “Roi” Richards (Author)

The book that everyone is talking about…


I was given your book after telling a friend about my multi-year, terrible dealings with the medical establishment.
Finally getting a diagnosis of h-Pylori. But only after many, many tests and procedures and after threatening my GP that I was thinking of contacting the CDC, and after that having to lie, telling the infectious disease doctor that I had spent time out of the country: because after the years of tests, random symptoms, and being told by doctor after doctor that I was “just getting old” (I was 37-38 when it all started!) and that I needed to change my diet (I am a Pescatarian, raised by a mother with a masters in nutrition who never consumes fast food, soda, etc) I was sick and tired of being dismissed!
I knew I had some kind of bacteria and/or parasite. But no one would listen to me.
It seems most of my symptoms are similar to Lymes (coincidentally, I live in the woods only about 20 miles from Lyme,CT), including that h-P can reside inside you until a trauma makes it become ‘active’ (I was hit by a car). Oh yeah, also like Lyme, I was tested ‘negative’ for the h-pylori at least 7 times (blood, urine, breath and stool tests, colon and endoscopy) before getting a positive diagnosis. Also like Lyme’s, this bacteria is amazing at hiding; well below the mucus membranes of the stomach and large intestine, making it very difficult to diagnose.

“I read (devoured) your book in about a half an hour! I could identify with almost every single line. I think I had 35 of the 38 symptoms you list on pages 55 and 56.

“While just yesterday, myself, my partner and our cats started taking food grade Diatomaceous Earth to treat the h-pylori , I also, after reading your book “Lyme Disease: Non-medical Diagnosis and Treatment” and we will all be trying Sodium Chlorite. I don’t believe the DE can detoxify the waste and requires additional supplements.
Yes, I am impatient to feel better, the insane amount of antibiotics I was given seemed to work for about ‘5 minutes’ and then more problems followed along with the return of original symptoms, as well. And I am still not even close to feeling mentally back to myself. For, at least, the last 5 or so years, besides being unable to physically do anything but the least amount needed to survive, I began to feel completely different. I became APATHETIC towards everything!
“Then in March my symptoms began to go from being seemingly harmless and ambiguous, to vomiting everything for 2 weeks straight while still swelling and gaining weight to having a “bug bite” appear one morning above my eye, half my face swelling and blood coming from that same side of my nose.
“By the time I got up to try to go the the Emergency Room, my brain was so “foggy” that I couldn’t figure out which shoe went on what foot! (BTW: I had been to the ER 7 days earlier and this day they didn’t still didn’t seem to think that there was anything majorly wrong with me, so after making me wait 5 1/2 hours with another hour or so till I could be seen , I left. Only to go back after 5 more days, but again, no one would listen to me since I had “not been out of the country” and couldn’t possibly have contracted any bacteria or parasite”.
“My thoughts were getting so hazy that I couldn’t make rational decisions or do everyday activities (I had been told that this was “due to a Brain Injury” from prior accident and couldn’t possibly be related).
“I have never been one to really trust the medical establishment (yes, my parents were hippies! …oh yeah, and I was hired freelance to film a group of 100 doctors who prescribed the largest amount of an Big Pharma arthritis med, while they all got a fancy dinner and a “Meet and Greet” with a famous athletic hero! …guess that’s just one of the ways big pharma bypasses the law against paying doctors for prescribing their drugs!) …anyway, I was looking into alternatives regarding my declining health, but was so toxic from the h-pylori and it’s waste eating away at my body and my being for years, that I almost felt like I was a prisoner of it’s pathology.
“Recently I watched a documentary on the BBC; “Ten Parasites That Control Minds”.(http://www.bbc.com/earth/story/20150316-ten-parasites-that-control-minds),
It spoke of their ability to make it’s bug hosts drown themselves in order to help the parasite replicate as well as other “mind control”. That made me wonder if these bacterium and parasites affecting humans were also altering our minds and our behavior to their own ends? I do believe so, but it seems that the scientific community is in it’s infancy regarding this.
“Anyway… a result of finally getting a diagnosis of a gut bacterial infection, I realized that it was affecting everything from my liver function, endocrine system, gi tract, and more importantly, my thoughts, my emotions, my personality, and my whole being, I was finally and temporarily treated with the antibiotics 2 months ago.
“I can tell that it has not totally eradicated, but again the doctors are not interested in my opinion, so a week or two ago, I began searching again for more specific alternative treatments.
I found your book to be very informative, positive and enlightening. I love that you mention The Law of Attraction on p.33 (I was given a copy of this from a therapist I sought out to talk about my “apathy” and issues found to now be due to the bacterial infection) positive thoughts and being kind to yourself because I do find myself getting angry that so many years were ‘wasted’ because I was unable to physically and mentally live my life to it’s fullest.
“And I try not to get angry because the medical establishment was of very little help and I don’t want to waste any more time thinking about the things I have no control over, but I do feel that I have to grieve the loss of not only time, but as a woman, the effect this bacteria has had on my appearance; swelling, weight gain, premature aging, and so on… Prior to this I was a very active, healthy, attractive person… I didn’t even watch tv I had so much life to live! I at least now know that while I chastised myself for being “lazy” and unproductive, I now realize these foreign critters were responsible for much of what was happening.
“On the other hand, I can be content knowing now what I can do to heal myself, and that I can finally, responsibly treat myself (and my family) and continue on in my life where it was temporarily cut off. Thank you.
Again, thank you for writing your book,
P.S. you mentioned pets in your book, I was wondering if you had experience treating cats with Chlorine Dioxide? If so, how and what dosage? (Possible Answer to your question: I read on Jim Humble’s website that dogs and cats can also drink this church sacrament un-activated because their stomach had 600% more Hydrochloric acid than a human, and that acid will naturally activates the sodium Chlorite and makes the chlorine dioxide. It is by weight so you might try 1 drop in the plastic or glass water dish. I’m no vet and I can’t even tell you how much a small animal should take?)   END


on September 4, 2014
“the first case of Lyme disease was noted about 1974 in a 14-year old boy, taken to the hospital with extreme pains in the muscles of his legs and unable to walk. This case, coupled with other pertinent facts related to the boy and a highly classified US government laboratory conducting research on contagious animal diseases in this same area, is suggestive of a link between these two events. The government laboratory alluded to is found on Plum Island, just north of Long Island, NY, and south of Lyme, Connecticut. Because of its secret nature, a “medically accepted” remedy will cost an absurd amount of time and resources to keep pathetic Big Pharma Industry going.
Herb “Roi” Richards provides the inexpensive method You may NEVER receive from a Medical Doctor !
Your BEST choice is to invest in this Ebook and then get the remedy !
Thank You Mr. Richards for Your desire to share !   END
on September 18, 2014
“Very good and straight to the point. Easy read! You will have to pay a lot of money and be put through many tests to get the information in this book.”
on September 6, 2014
“I personally know Roi and his wife Taylore and appreciate Roi’s willingness to document his research and personal success story in this book for others to read and determine a course of action for themselves. This knowledge is empowering each of us into action where other wise we have been stuck in a cycle of confusing health challenges! I will share this info with my Naturopath and conclude a treatment approach unique to my circumstances and detoxification needs! Thank you Roi for this inspirational research, book and sharing your personal journey!”  END
on February 2, 2015
“I like the straightforward style the author uses to tell his story of healing. Using a simple solution you can make In your kitchen author Herb Richards weaves a story that makes sense for the novice person looking for answers To the question “will I ever beat Lymes disease?” This is a book of few pages that gets to the point quickly but still tells interesting details of how Medical Science had abandoned the patient and even worse mis-treated her. I was on the fence about ordering the book because of the low price. The knowledge I gained is worth many times the cost.”     END

Popular Science Investigates “Alien Life Microbes” Feb 2015 Magazine

Popular Science Investigates Alien Life Microbes in the February 2015 Magazine.

lyme-disease-bacteria look like little snakes
Lyme-disease-Bacteria: The Spirochetes -look like little snakes

Lyme Disease Bacteria is different from other bacteria

MedicalRF.com/Getty Images

Amazing Fact: The bacterium that causes Lyme Disease is the only known organism that doesn’t need iron for its basic life chemistry. Instead, Borrelia burgdorferi (Spirochete) uses manganese and other minerals.

It can also reform itself into 3 completely different shapes and substances to hide from antibiotics.

Johns Hopkins University micro­biologist Valeria Culotta says that makes our defense against the infection virtually futile: “When the immune system tries to starve it of iron, it says, ‘I don’t care. You can make yourself as anemic as you want but it won’t affect me.’

Popular Science Feb 2015 exposes alien life - Lyme disease is mentioned
Popular Science Feb 2015 exposes alien life – Lyme disease is mentioned










Alien Bacteria Article
Alien Bacteria Article

I hate fibromyalgia

As I look through the Internet comments, complaints, pain and intense suffering from the symptoms of fibromyalgia, I feel so much compassion and love for these human beings. I have compiled some comments below…

Letter to the evil disease: I HATE you fibromyalgia! For so many years I have tried to

fibromyalgia pain
fibromyalgia pain

coexist with you, treat you nicely, work around you. I have gone bankrupt treating you with massages, acupuncture, chiropractic care, water therapy, diet changes, just so you would calm down. Now I suffer all of the side effects of the pharmaceutical meds I take to put up with you! And every year that goes by you just get worse! And I hate all that comes with you! Isolation, depression, IBS, all of it! And to know that I will not be gone with you until the day I die is horrid!  by JS


It is helpful to help people who do not understand what I am going through ! Helps me understand I am not alone ! It affects my ability to function everyday ! I cry a lot because of not being able to do my own housework, take care of my family, doing the simple things in life can bring unbearable pain ! I have to miss a lot of church which is depressing ! I have other illnesses that cause more pain ! I feel so useless sometimes ! Without Jesus I do not know what I would do ! Pray for those that have fibromyalgia, know one knows the pain and suffering except you and God !!! by JCC


fibromyalgia brain-fog
Fibromyalgia brain-fog. I can’ get up.

Waking up is one thing, if one is fortunate to get to sleep and stay sleep for Amy length of time…going to sleep, washing up and still struggle to get OUT the bed is a whole different monster…. lately it takes me at least an hour to get out the bed.

I’ve been inside all day, decided to take a quick shower and get back in my gown, was sitting at the table prior to the shower, afterwards, searched high and low and was about to go to my car to see if my glasses were in the car, I don’t know who put them on the table where I had been sitting….. .daggone fibro fog — from online Fibromyalgia Group

“Tired of pressing through the painful smile, the excruciating pain in my knees, finders and toes, so the hurricane need to go on and die out” There are no real words to describe he terrible unyielding pain… https://www.facebook.com/pages/Online-Fibromyalgia-Support-Group/147126108688355


I have fibromyalgia; my symptoms are a flu-like infection that don’t ever go away. I am constantly exhausted and I can’t think and the right words are lost in my fibro brain fog. I have fibromyalgia; I can’t  sleep, I’m soo bone tired,  and  I wake up stiff and achy. I have fibro symptoms causing debilitating pain in so many places on my body.Fibro ribbon I just need to rest 18 hours a day!

I push and push but I get nothing done. I feel as though I have to push myself to get anything done, then I crash on to the sofa for hours without getting anything done. I think I really have Lyme disease.

I don’t believe exercise helps “modestly reduce pain” you just tolerate it more since the kind of pain from exercising is just more pain on top of normal FM pain. It makes smaller pain look insignificant sometimes compared to others. from https://www.facebook.com/FibroNetwork?

Fibromyalgia burning pain.


Fibro Pain: You wake up feeling like you have been run over by a Mack truck. You worry that you are heading into a flare. Do you recognize when your symptoms are on the verge of worsening? What do you do to cope when you are in a flare-up?

I just don’t feel good. What can I do?

There exists a disease that is extremely common that people don’t realize they have it. It is the most incorrectly diagnosed malady and is not adequately treated because the medications that are prescribed treat only the symptoms (and they don’t do a very good job of mitigating the ill effects) without addressing the root cause of your not feeling well.

Highly contagious, this disease can be communicated by close contact among individuals or effectively transmitted by an insect bite. Once infected, the patient may demonstrate symptoms that could represent any one of over 300 different diseases while experiencing any one or more of as many symptoms.

I just feel bad what can I do for freedom from pain and suffering?Most families are already living with this aggressive bacterium in their home and it is common for house pets to be carriers of the disease.

The vast array of symptoms covers a wide spectrum; and some of them could have you – or your doctor – questioning one’s sanity. In fact, in many cases, a well-meaning physician might suggest that your symptoms are psychosomatic (imagined).

When looking for a place to settle within the body or a host this smart bug will detect and penetrate one’s weakest link. That’s why it looks so different as it infects and breaks down different living components in each person who has it.

My wife and I were diagnoses with everything from lupus to fibromyalgia and multiple sclerosis to celiac disease while stumping the most sophisticated symptom checker.

We sought out traditionally trained doctors as well as those who were natural, allopathic or specialized in neuropathy or homeopathy which made our search for a solid solution even more confusing. We were told that we displayed depression symptoms, symptoms of mono, chronic fatigue syndrome and sciatic nerve pain, while they determined that we suffered from rheumatoid arthritis, lymphoma, trigeminal neuralgia and heart disease, just to name a few.

Little did the professionals know that we both – while experiencing vastly different symptoms – had the same disease.

It is easy for intimate partners to transmit the disease as it can be communicated with as little as a kiss and you don’t necessarily get it from another person, you could be infected by a dog or a cat, or any insect; and it can even survive in the air for a short period of time, like any other airborne disease, though only traveling ten feet or so before dying.

It turns out that I was infected by a mosquito and my wife contracted it from me.
After nine years of suffering from that insect bite, battling known medical science and having jumped through so many hoops, leaving us exhausted, experiencing real pain with little hope of recovery while wondering if were weren’t crazy ourselves.

I was beginning to wonder if I had bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, anxiety disorder, mental illness or any of the other mental disorders.

If you were These are some of the symptoms below:

• Problems with normal thinking processes or stumbling over words
• Lack of concentration and or erratic mood changes
• Feeling tired, wore out, lack of stamina
• Lower back pain, knee pain, shoulder pain, heel pain or stiffness of joints or back
• Sudden sharp pains, loss of feeling, tingling sensation in extremities
• Irritable bowel or bladder, stomach pain
• Anxiety, psychological disorders or panic attacks
• Arthritis affecting the knees, legs, ankles, hips, shoulders, elbows, wrist, etc.
• Nerve pain radiating out from the spine, like a pinched nerve
• Numbness in the limbs or facial paralysis (Bell’s Palsy)

It wasn’t until we discovered that we suffered from physiological Borreliosis invasion that we started to treat this bugger that is commonly referred to as Lyme disease. You have likely heard the cries from the media touting that Lyme disease is communicated by a deer tick, but nothing could be further from the truth.

According to Leo Galland, M.D., Lyme disease is extremely stealthy and can masquerade itself as any known malady as it finds places to set up camp in organs, skin, heart, nervous system, joints and muscles, making it extremely difficult to correctly diagnose.

It never occurred to me that I might have had Lyme disease because I had never been bitten by a deer tick at any time.

Once we knew what we were dealing with, the hunt was on for a solution. We tried a great many therapies and interventions with varying degrees of success in an effort to thwart the corkscrew-shaped bacterium Borrelia burqdorferi that was determined to take us out.
Along the way I have met many people who have also struggled to battle this disease who have spent ten to twenty years and thousands of dollars in the battle.

We were so fortunate to be able to find a $25 solution to all those aches and pains.
Want to know more, check out my book available in Kindle format,

Roi’s New Book

My husband, Roi, just finished a book about our overcoming the life threatening Lyme disease.

Lyme-Disease-Non-Medical-Diagnosis-and-Treatment-How-I-kicked-Lyme-diseaseIf you only know the struggles that we had to go through – not just the pain and suffering – but the costly misdiagnosis’s, multiple tests and prescriptions that only masked symptoms as others showed up in their place. It was exhausting!

To think that in less than a year we are Lyme-free all thanks to a little-known natural remedy that only cost us $25 for the years treatment.

Please look at Roi’s book- just posted on Amazon. http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00N980J0Q

The Kindle is only 99 cents, and you can read it on your computer with an easy free download for the Mac or PC reader.

Please help us out with a review, if you would be so kind and help us spread the word: “Those who have Lyme disease can put an end to the suffering and the high-priced medical treatment!”

It worked for us, and we are happy, happy, happy!


Taylore Vance