Fibromyalgia Conspiracy

You are experiencing pain that you can’t explain

It seems like the whole World is against you

You are not ALONE

5 million Americans have Fibromyaligia

Doctors in the United States are bewildered

Your friends and loved ones think it’s in your head


Have trouble breathing

Numbness, tingling

Joint and back stiffness

Vision problems, light sensitivity

Abdominal pain, poor digestion

Mood swings, anger, depression

Millions of years

Mother nature

Secrets revealed in nature

No chemicals or prescriptions

Symptoms lessen disappear

90 day challenge

Freedom from pain and suffering

Reclaim your life

Live a better life

Enjoy your fresh new life guaranteed

Fibromyalgia, Lupus or Lyme disease

One thought on “Video

  1. I purchased the water purification bottles but am unsure that I’m drinking it right. Could you send me a schedule to help with this. My literature was misplaced and once again doctor NO assistance even for a test.

    ANSWER: CHECK PUT MMS PROTOCOL 1000. It is all over the Internet. Start slow maybe one drop a day, increase as you can. Go slow — work up to 3 drops an hour — for 8 hours a day. Continue for 2-3 months. Then go on a maintenance dose of 6 to 10 drops a day for at least a year. Good luck! We did it and so can you!

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